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The Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI) realizes and recognizes the important contribution sponsors make to our organization. They provide a valuable resource to our given mission of “Training the Trainers” in quite a number of ways. It can be said that our organization could not, and would not, be as successful as it is today without the support brought to us through our sponsors.


In order to recognize the various levels of support provided to us by individual sponsors, we created a sponsorship hierarchy which will allow members to easily identify such commitment. The decision to choose the degree of monetary contribution to the organization should fall upon the shoulders of the individual sponsor rather than becoming a “cost of doing business” in the form of solicitation for merchandise by various members of the association. In addition, as the organization has grown, so have the various vendor requirements associated with each annual conference. 


Our hierarchy is comprised of three levels; Platinum, Silver and Bronze. These levels are intended to allow the sponsor to choose that which will best fit their needs and reflect their desired image.


The hierarchy is not intended to solicit additional monies from your company. You can choose the lowest level of sponsorship and still maintain a very visible footprint within the association. The choice is totally up to you. It is our hope that these options provide both sponsors and members with a means of establishing a continued professional relationship along a clearly defined path.


We thank you for choosing to support our organization.

( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

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