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Since 1990, our focus has been set on providing quality firearms training and access to current information regarding available law enforcement equipment and supplies for firearms instructors and other members of the law enforcement community throughout the State of Georgia and abroad.  Please feel free to visit our site often in order to remain apprised of the training offered on a continuing basis by our trainers. 


I would encourage you to consider becoming either an active or associate member or a sponsor of our organization. Your support will help us grow and enhance our ability to "Train the Trainers". Membership is open to all members of the law enforcement community as well as civilians with an interest in law enforcement training.  Whether you choose to attend a local "Hands on Training Session (HOTS), one of our instructor certification courses or the next Annual Training Conference (ATC), I'm looking forward to training with you soon.


We offer three categories of membership:


Active - Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors


Associate - Law Enforcement or civilians with an interest in firearms training 


Sponsor - Companies or individuals who supply the Law Enforcement Community with firearms or law enforcement related products


Applications to join GALEFI are found under the membership tab of the website. If you have any questions regarding our organization, please contact me at estephen@kennesaw.edu.


Edward Stephens

GALEFI President

Interested in Membership?

Submit your APPLICATION online or contact us for more information at:



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Locust Grove, GA



For more information about membership or becoming a sponsor, please call our Executive Director, Leo Hathaway at:




Members are encouraged to click on the NEWSBLAST page for up to date information.

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