Dale Moorefield Memorial Award

This award was implemented in 1997 as a means of recognizing and remembering the impact of the founding Treasurer of the Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI), Dale Moorefield. Sadly, as he was leading a group of law enforcement motorcyclists on a trip into the North Georgia mountains, Dale was killed when another driver disregarded a red signal causing his fatal accident. He proudly served as a Georgia Peace Officer for twenty-four years; was a Captain in the Forest Park Police Department and was their lead firearms instructor at the time of his death. The previous day, he had completed the 1996 GALEFI Annual Training Conference. His presence will be missed.


Dale was a man who would sit and talk to you for hours about God, law enforcement firearms training, and his love for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He was one of the driving forces behind the concept, and then implementation of, an organization that became known as GALEFI. His passing was a tragic loss to the organization and the Dale Moorefield Memorial Award was adopted in 1997 following its creation by our founding President, and first Executive Director, Larry Young.


The award is intended to distinguish individuals, or organizations, who have contributed to our association in a manner that permits it to continue providing guidance and quality training throughout the firearms instructor community in the State of Georgia.  





2023                     Jeffrey Bray

2022                     JD Branch

2021                     Mike Ward

2020                     Philip Peacock

2019                     City of Carrollton

2018                     Chris Edwards

2017                     Shane Gosa

2016                     Edward Stephens

2015                     Samuel Huston

2014                     Randy Downs

2013                     David Aderhold

2012                     James Perry

2011                     Michael Bryant Sr.

2010                     John Clendenen

2009                     Jimmy Downey

2008                     William Putnam

2007                     Terry Greene

2006                     Philip Picket

2005                     Terry Brannon

2004                     Bobby Tribble

2003                     Michael Herring

2002                     William Brock

2001                     Lawrence Floyd

2000                     Larry Young

1999                     George Walker

1998                     Richard McLarin

1997                     Leo Hathaway


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