The Barrow Sheriff’s Office will be instructing a SWAT Level I May 11-15, 2020. This is the 25th year this course has been instructed to local, state, federal, US military, and officers from Ireland, Puerto Rico, Greece, and Canada. Updated annually. This class is 50 hour POST. Officers will have to pass a handgun qualification first day (call for course of fire). Officers will need handgun, 3 magazines, 500 rounds ammo, vest, BDU or range clothing, ear/eye protection, flashlight, hydration, gas mask if available.  Cost is $150.00 per officer made payable to the Barrow Sheriff’s Office. This class is physically demanding. This class is almost full so reserve ASAP.



Monday 0800-1800 app.

Handgun Qualification, Operation Orders, History of SWAT, Raid Planning, SWAT & Mental Suspects, Use of Force, Movement Shooting Drills, Clearing


Tuesday 0800-2300 app.

Bunker 2 man shooting, Vehicle Assaults, Box Drills, Movement Drills, Judgmental Shooting/live Fire Entries,  Lateral Shooting, Top Gun, Low Light Techniques, Low Light Steel Target Course, Clearing with Flashlights  


Wednesday 0800-1800 app.

Slow Static Clearing, Dynamic Clearing, Drug Raids, High Risk Warrants, Use of Force, Chemical Munitions


Thursday 0800-1900 app.

Slow Static Clearing, Dynamic Clearing, Team Briefings


Friday 0800-1700 app.

Team Testing on Operation Orders and Clearing Techniques

Stress Test



Classes will start at the Barrow Training Center and Range

1059 Briscoe Mill Rd

Bethlehem, GA. 30620


Checks may be mailed to:


Barrow Sheriff’s Office

233 E. Broad St.

Winder, GA. 30680

Attn: Lt. Aderhold



Lt. Aderhold



Firearms Instructor Course – Clayton County Police Academy – June 15-26, 2020 - Registration @ CCPD Training Unit (770.472.8288) - No Tuition


General Instructor Course – Clayton County Police Academy – August 24 through September 04, 2020 - Registration @ CCPD Training Unit (770.472.8288) - No Tuition


Firearms Instructor Training - GA Northwestern Technical College in cooperation with regional law enforcement agencies, will be hosting an 80 hour Firearms Instructor Class, 04/13/2020 – 04/24/2020


Applicants must submit:


(1) A completed registration form,

(2) A copy of certification of General Instructor and

(3) A letter of approval from your agency (if applicable).

The class size will be limited to 10 seats. Students will be chosen on a first come first serve basis with 10 students and 4 alternates to be notified.


Given two attempts, students must shoot an SQC qualification score of 90% or better in order to be accepted into the class.

If any of the original 10 students fail to make the qualification score, the alternates will be allowed to shoot the qualification course to fill any remaining seats.


Qualifying alternates will be chosen based on their order of registration, not highest score, however, alternates qualifying on the first attempt will receive first consideration. Any remaining alternates will be given special consideration in a subsequent class.


Tuition for the class is $200.00.


Students are required to bring

  1. A non-modified duty weapon,
  2. Duty gear, holster, (no shoulder rigs, paddle holsters, etc.)
  3. A non-gun mounted flashlight,
  4. Magazine pouches (capable of holding 2 magazines),
  5. Cleaning material and
  6. 800 rounds of ammunition. Ammo must be of good quality, full metal jacket practice rounds or issued duty rounds. FACTORY reloads are acceptable. NO OTHER RELOADS ALLOWED. No aluminum cased ammo.

Student are also required to have a 12 gauge pump-action shotgun with sling and 10 rounds slug ammo and 25 rounds of 00 buckshot.

Instructors will inspect weapons and ammo prior to use on the range. The instructor’s determination of acceptability of weapon/ammo is final.

Contact Info: or Law Enforcement Academy @ GA Northwestern Technical College - 706-378-1728

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