Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (HR218)

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Lecture:     Use of Deadly Force    0800-1000

Practical:   Georgia Semi-Automatic Qualification Course 1000-1200


Each class is limited to the first twenty (20) applicants




LEOSA Qualification
45.00 USD

Payment entitles the applicant to a GALEFI membership. Members are entitled to attend all annual Hands-On-Training Seminars and/or firearms qualifications at no additional cost. You may attend as many such events as you like. Membership is valid until March 31st of each year.

LEOSA Training

The Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI) provides opportunity for retired officers to fulfill the requirements of 18 USC 926C (Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act). There is a $45.00 cost for this service which includes annual Association membership.  Currently, the “Use of Deadly Force” classroom lecture and GPOSTC qualification event is conducted at the Larry Young Range (11590 SLR Boulevard, Lovejoy, Georgia 30250) and hosted by the Clayton County Police Department.


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The form may open as a "View Only" document which requires downloading to complete.  Once downloaded, you should be able to type directly on the form. Based upon your computer settings; you are able to submit the form by pressing the appropriate button or sending the completed form as an attachment to

The following requirements apply:

  1. You are subject to all Clayton County Police Department Range Rules and must sign a liability release waiver prior to usage of any of the facilities, equipment or training offered at the range.  Failure to follow these established rules will result in the revocation of range use privileges.
  2. You must meet all retired officer requirements as outlined under 18 USC 926.
  3. You must NOT be under active investigation by any governing authority which could affect your legal status as a retired peace officer.
  4. You must possess current and valid identification issued by the agency from which you retired.
  5. You must possess a current and valid Georgia Driver's License.
  6. You are responsible for providing: a handgun, a holster, magazines, magazine carriers, a proper belt, baseball cap, inclement weather gear, hearing and eye protection and all required ammunition.
  7. You must be capable of safely firing all stages of the GPOSTC recognized Georgia Semi-Automatic Qualification Course (GSAQC) and also be capable of successfully passing the GALEFI SAFETY CHECK.  The line instructor has sole determining authority regarding safety based issues.  All such determinations are final and not subject to debate.   
  8. The course will not be altered in any fashion regardless of expressed consideration for change.
  9. You will be permitted two attempts to re-qualify for a maximum of two different weapons per scheduled session.
  10. If you wish printed documentation regarding your training; it is your responsibility to furnish a properly completed GPOSTC "Application for Annual Firearms Qualification Certificate for Retired Officers" form on the date you attend training.  The completed form will be signed by a GAELFI instructor upon your successful completion of the course. A copy of the form can be obtained HERE


Please check our website often to view offered training. Once your GALEFI membership dues have been paid, and your membership application properly processed, you are welcome to attend other offered training events, as well.

GPOSTC requires retired Georgia Peace Officers to attend both the Use of Deadly Force lecture and a re-qualification session.  The Deadly Force lecture can also be completed online through the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. While officers who have retired from agencies outside of Georgia are welcome to attend the lecture, it is not required. Please click HERE to complete our registration form and indicate which courses you desire to attend. 

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