Course Description





This is a three-day course.


This course will focus primarily on developing instructional techniques intended to safely and properly instruct other peace officers in said techniques, tactics, and procedures; relevant to performing their duties as peace officers under low-light conditions.


Lecture will include instructional blocks concerning:


Firearms safety; Liability in training law enforcement officers (specifically Popow v. Margate and the IACP best practices for use of force training); handheld vs. weapon mounted flashlights and techniques and various flashlight techniques and when are best utilized.


Range exercises include:


Safe and proper use of a firearm in conjunction with a handheld or weapon mounted flash light; Safe and proper carry positions and deployment of a flashlight in conjunction with a handgun; Student led teach-backs  of learned skills in the use of weapons in conjunction with lights in an adverse lighted environment and the ability to demonstrate knowledge acquired in block of instruction by successfully completing a known course of fire.


Students must successfully pass all written and practical skills examinations.


Equipment requirements:


  • Duty gear with appropriate holster for duty handgun (with and without mounted light)
  • Duty handgun
  • Body armor (tactical, concealable or uniform shirt carrier)
  • 600 rounds of appropriate practice ammunition
  • A minimum of three handgun magazines
  • A minimum of five rounds of dummy (inert) ammunition (duty weapon specific)
  • A tactical hand held flashlight (tail cap activation preferred)
  • A weapon light is optional (but, recommended) 


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